Investigations By ZachXBT

Investigations By ZachXBT

rug pull survivor turned 2D detective
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Loyalist: $4m stolen from over 400 victims

Since early 2022 Loyalist / Lukas / Shibango has stolen an estimated $4m+ worth of crypto and NFTs through running phishing scams on Twitter and by collaborating with other known phishing scammers.
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Gone phishing for $5m

Since late 2021 a scammer known as Elliot / Chinese / Devil has stolen $5m+ worth of crypto and NFTs through phishing scams and a NFT rug pull project.
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Tracking down Discord & Twitter phishing scammers

Since December 2021 we’ve seen 600+ Discord servers compromised & 12+ NFT related Twitter accounts hacked as well. This has resulted in millions of dollars being stolen.
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Canadian Teen SIM Swaps for $37m and is now allegedly responsible for multiple Twitter hacks.

Cameron Redman is the alleged person responsible for the hacked NFT Twitter accounts over the past few months Does the name ring any bells? Well it should bc in February 2020 he SIM swapped a single person for $37 million worth of Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash.

Scammers In Paris

Over the past year we’ve seen scammers become more creative with new methods to phish people in Web 3. In this investigation we’ll breakdown how two phishing scammers from France defrauded people out of NFTs worth millions of dollars and the trail of breadcrumbs left behind leaving them exposed.

A Story of Machi Big Brother (Jeff Huang)

Jeffrey Huang, known online as Machi Big Brother, is a former Taiwanese-American musician and tech entrepreneur. What follows is an extensive overview of Jeff’s history in the crypto space, a brief synopsis of Formosa, his subsequent projects, the other players involved, and as always, the data to back it up.